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Novelty and entertainment wagering is an engaging sort of gambling that may be enjoyed by anyone. Not a fan of sports betting? No problem! You may place wagers on Hollywood events, award ceremonies, politics, reality TV show winners, and even the weather as it unfolds. With novelty and entertainment wagering, the opportunities are limitless! Betting on your favorite show provides you with more than just a stake in the drama and tension. If your wagers are successful, you can earn a profit.



Many of the best bookmakers in the United Kingdom offer an abundance of novelty event betting options. How can you identify the best location to wager on all of these non-sports markets? Our team of betting experts at enjoys novelty and entertainment wagering, and this includes our most dedicated football wagering specialists. Hence, we have covered available markets and bet kinds, along with suggestions for the best platforms for novelty betting, promotions, and everything you need to know regarding event and entertainment betting.


Of course, we also seek out the most advantageous welcome bonuses to get you started. As we frequently update this page with fresh and exciting novelty betting bonuses and news, please bookmark this page and check it frequently to stay abreast of the most recent promotions.

Novelty Wagering Explanation


Novelty betting is a word used to cover all bets taken on non-sporting events, such as wagering on who will win big prizes or the next political election, as well as all other types of wagers. For instance, everyone who enjoys watching the Oscars each year can participate in Oscars betting, which involves speculating on which film will be named Best Picture and get the renowned golden trophy. But, if Doctor Who is more your style, guessing who will be the next Doctor can give an added layer of anticipation to the release of the newest season.


Even on the financial markets and the weather forecast, you’ll find some peculiar betting odds. Do you have a hunch that it may snow on Christmas Day? This will be available at the best novelty and entertainment betting sites suggested on this page.


Most online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom provide novelty betting markets under the “Entertainment” or “Specials” section. Sites identify the year’s most popular television programs and events and create wagers to match. They will evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of each candidate and create odds depending on who they believe will be the favorite and underdog. They frequently revise these odds leading up to the big event, resulting in fluctuating numbers and plenty of suspense!


How we rank sites for novelty and entertainment wagering

Our betting specialists have compiled a list of suggested betting sites since they know what makes a fantastic novelty betting site. Most British bookmakers offer few wagers on entertainment. Nonetheless, our top-ranked alternatives offer unrivaled coverage of all novelty markets, as well as superior odds and betting limits, so providing you with more betting options and perhaps larger winnings.


When evaluating a betting provider, we additionally consider additional meritorious characteristics of online sportsbooks. The sites we recommend for betting on entertainment are all legal, respectable, and reliable. Thus you may rest assured that your money is safe. In addition, you will receive generous incentives to bolster your bankroll, a selection of quick payment methods, and unmatched customer service anytime you need it. In addition, they are all mobile-friendly, allowing you to wager on your favorite novelty betting markets from anywhere in the country.


Concentrate on Top UK Novelty Betting Websites

The greatest online novelty and entertainment bookmakers have distinguishing traits that set them apart from the competition. The following section focuses on some of the greatest in the industry.



bet365’s sportsbook, casino, live casino, poker, and bingo divisions are widely regarded as the most popular in the online gambling industry. At bet365, you can wager on all of your favorite awards and television programs, as well as take advantage of tempting introductory bonuses. bet365’s “Specials” section is where entertainment and novelty betting aficionados may find a list of available markets. Both the desktop and mobile versions are so intuitive, even those who are new to online betting will have no trouble making their picks. Read this comprehensive bet365 review to learn more.


Furthermore notable about bet365’s specials offering is the presence of a United Kingdom-specific section, a world-specific part, and novelty markets from other countries. You can also wager on foreign television programs, such as Strictly Come Dancing Denmark and the Italian X Factor. Not to mention bet365’s politics department, which provides comprehensive coverage of political betting markets from the United Kingdom and others.



When you visit the sportsbook at 888, which is renowned for its online casino, sportsbook, and poker, you will discover a section labeled “Novelty and TV Betting.” Here you will find 888’s newest and most exciting entertainment and novelty wagers. This online bookmaker is recognized for its free bet incentives and excellent odds, so putting specials wagers here should be no different. Our devoted online betting experts have created a review of 888sport to provide a comprehensive overview of this brand and its distinctive characteristics.


888sport includes the Eurovision Song Contest, Financials, Nobel Awards, The Oscars, and The Voice among its novelty markets. 888 is distinguished by its coverage of novelty markets on the 888sport blog, which provides insight and expertise on entertaining novelty markets. Its politics section has a large emphasis on UK politics betting and also provides extensive coverage of the United States and Australia.

Paddy Power


Many believe Paddy Power to be the leader in novelty wagering in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This bookmaker thrives on offering bettors unique, amazing, and bizarre betting odds. Paddy Power has even let gamblers to wager on whether or not the existence of extraterrestrial life will be established, and once provided odds on the next animal to become extinct due to an oil spill.


Outside these peculiar markets, the PP website’s ‘Special Bets’ section offers excellent cinema and television wagering choices. This long-established bookmaker with robust desktop and mobile app/browser versions offers free wagers and bonuses. Check out our Paddy Power review written by our online betting experts to get a basic overview of what Paddy Power has to offer its UK consumers.

How to Bet on the Television, Novelty, and Leisure Markets


Have we persuaded you that novelty and entertainment betting may bring a great deal of enjoyment to the table? We believed so! And happily, wagering on all of your favorite television programs, award ceremonies, political events, and even the weather forecast is a breeze.


To get started, we suggest selecting one of our top-rated novelty betting sites, which offer the most extensive market coverage and a variety of amazing and bizarre betting odds. If you haven’t already, visit to the website of your choosing and create an account. You must deposit at least the amount of your desired wager using the payment method of your choosing.


After registering, you may examine all novelty and entertainment betting markets by clicking “Specials”, “TV & Specials”, “Entertainment”, or a similar section. The available betting markets and their associated odds are then displayed. Several novelty betting websites allow you to filter results by category. You can, for instance, select to only view TV betting markets for a specific television show or wagers on the Academy Awards. Alternatively, peruse the complete list to see everything that is available.


When you find a market that interests you, click on it and input your stake value. The novelty betting website will inform you of the potential payout if your wager is successful. Click the “Place Bets” button to confirm your selection. The only remaining action is to await the outcome of the event. If your prediction is accurate, the betting platform will automatically deposit the cash into your account.


Betting Varieties Available

There are a variety of novelty betting options that may be loosely categorized into five distinct groups, which are as follows:


Win: A win wager is the simplest sort of novelty or entertainment wager. As the term suggests, these wagers are placed on the outcome of a specific reality television show, award, election, or other event. Examples include wagering on the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards or the next MasterChef champion.


Place: Rather of guessing the winner, a place wager predicts the top two, three, four, or five finishers. They are more prevalent in television betting markets. For instance, you can place a wager on a couple finishing in the top two on Love Island, with your wager winning if the couple finishes in either first or second place. Due of the predictability of this form of novelty wager, rewards are lower.


Each-Way: In entertainment betting, an each-way bet is a mix of a win bet and a place bet, which is a wonderful strategy to minimize risk while maintaining the possibility of a huge reward. For instance, you might place an each-way wager on who will win Strictly Come Dancing. If this person finishes first, you will receive payouts for both the win and place wagers. Yet, if they finish third, you will still receive a payout for your place wager, despite the fact that they did not win.


Accumulators: If you desire a greater degree of risk, you may be interested in accumulator wagering. In this thrilling style of wagering, sportsbooks combine many wagers, and each must come true for the whole wager to win. With greater odds, the potential for enormous jackpots exists. One example would be predicting the four Grammy Award winners. Remember that if one wager in the accumulator loses, the entire accumulator loses.


Forecast: In this form of wager, you correctly predict the novelty betting event’s winner and runner-up. While making a straight wager, you must correctly predict the order of the first and second place finishers. In contrast, a reverse prediction accepts either outcome as a win. When wagering on reality television shows or events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, forecast betting is an excellent option.


British Bookmakers Providing Worldwide Novelty Bets

Novelty wagering is among the most entertaining wagering alternatives accessible. It is a wonderful choice for those without a passion for sports to have a chance at winning wagers. From the Academy Awards and Grammys to political elections, reality TV show winners, and the weather, novelty betting markets include a wide variety of events, so there’s a wager for everyone!


Sign up for one of our suggested novelty and entertainment betting sites if you want to get involved. With the best odds and broad market coverage, you will not be let down. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus while you’re at it.

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